Design Thinking

Sharon Okwako


In the world we live in today, we are faced with a myriad of complex problems that are best solved with a blended approach of traditional and non-traditional problem solving methods.

Design Thinking offers that sought after blended approach to innovative problem solving. It is extremely useful in tackling problems in any shape or form be yet defined or ill-defined, known or unknown. What differentiates Design Thinking from other approaches is the emphasis placed on understanding the problems from a human needs standpoint; it reframes the problem in human-centric way; and births ideas and solutions that are simple, intuitive, and fitting for users and their needs.

In this lecture, we will learn the foundations and principles of Design Thinking—what shapes it and how to effectively put its methodologies into tangible and practical use.


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Sharon Okwako is an IBM Research - Africa Business Analyst with experience working with the public sector and in the water and healthcare domains. In her role, she is responsible for requirements gathering, statistical analysis, process mapping, user testing and capacity development. She is enthusiastic about creating and deploying solutions that impact lives.

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Design Thinking

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