IBM Ponder This And Other Challenges

Alex Fleischer


Challenges provide fun and happiness.

They provide a way to feel busy and a way to feel part of a Community when you know other people all over the world or next door are trying to find the same key you look for.

For 20+ years the IBM Ponder this has kept thousands of humans busy. Wel'll see some specific puzzles and other games. We'll introduce optimization in a fun way.

Caution: This can get quite addictive.


Photo of Alex Fleischer

Alex Fleischer is an Optimization Expert at IBM in EMEA. His expertise is in computer science, mathematics, artificial intelligence and Optimization. He has recently been involved in several projects with financial institutions in Europe including commercial banks, securities companies and central banks.

He graduated from Sup Aéro in 1996 with a degree in aerospace engineering, in mathematics and in artificial intelligence. 3 years in IT and then 20 in Analytics, as a consultant, an optimization engineer, a quality manager and a technical account manager convinced Alex that Analytics in general and Optimization in particular lead to huge return on investment whatever the business field, energy, finance, healthcare … simply do more with less

Alex is passionate in making his customers understand and then benefit from Analytics.

Alex is very proud of his three kids and his lovely wife. He enjoys mathematical puzzles and good books. He also likes traveling and has visited 44 countries.

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