The path to inherently safer technology: tackling domestic abuse

Lesley Nuttall


Imagine being terrified of technology. Knowing that if you leave the home, connect with friends or dare to break even the smallest rule, the all-seeing devices will know - and so will your abuser. As society evolves and technology becomes a core part of our everyday routines, the ability to control or be controlled is being aided by the very devices and technology that were intended to support and protect us. While the control that abusers exert isn't new, the tools that they use are,

This talk explores how a thoughtful approach to the development of our technology can help make it resistant to being used as a weapon in abusive relationships. It outlines five design principles for making technology inherently safer by shifting the burden of safety off the shoulders of end users and onto design - improving the lives of some of society's most vulnerable people.

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Lesley is a cyber security specialist focused on unraveling challenging technical issues.

She has spent time in the support trenches, been parachuted onto numerous customer sites to troubleshoot critical deployment issues as well as worked on projects offering technical guidance and advice.

Lesley advocates that technology built on a foundation of compassion will better serve humanity.

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