IBM Agile Enterprise Architecture

Stefan Aalten-Voogd


Enterprise Architecture - Gaining Control of IT.

Based on material originally developed by Paul Homan and Simon Parker as part of the classic Managing IT Architecture (MITA) course.

1. Introduction to Enterprise Architecture (EA)
2. Doing the right things right
3. What is EA for?
4. How does EA work?
5. EA artefacts
6. EA framework
7. Agile EA and agile solution delivery
8. An architected approach - blueprint for transformation
9. Summary

Available as a recorded lecture (1.5 hours) or live video (2-3 hours incl. breaks and Q&A).


Photo of Stefan Aalten-Voogd

Hybrid Cloud, Red Hat OpenShift, Amazon Web Services and Blockchain Architect.

IBM Academic Ambassador for University of Edinburgh, and also support Lancaster University.

My internal CV and pen pic available at

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