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John Gibe


--- Lecture given multiple times to students at Master's level in Strategic Management and Information Systems ---

13:15 Intro
13:25 Digital Reinvention and e commerce Business Models - The Pierce case: How to become an Experience Leader
13:45 The Glamour of Management Consulting
13:55 First round of Q&A
14:00 Break
14:15 Strategic response to Corona - The Vasaloppet case: Adapting the customer offering with mission and brand in mind
14:35 Links between the cases and “Business Models and Strategy”
14:45 Second round of QA
15:00 End


Photo of John Gibe

John is a client-facing management consultant at IBM with a background in strategy and digital research, contributing process skills such as opportunity- and issue framing, interviewing, workshop facilitation, analysis, presentation, IBM design thinking. His main content skills include:
- Strategic management & Marketing
- Digital
- Decision-making, economic analysis & executive communication
- Operating models including KPIs, governance and business processes
- Research and Innovation
- Reviews and Due diligence
- Citizenship and Engagement

John designs, sells and delivers team engagements to clients on behalf of IBM. During his 20+ years at the intersection of strategy and technology he has written about B2C e-commerce (1999), B2B electronic marketplaces (2001), and collaborative B2B in buyer-supplier relationships (2007) from a value- and capability perspective. He is a regular contributor to the award winning IBM Sweden THINK Blog. Together with professor Thomas Kalling at Lund University, he published "Business Models and Strategy" (2019).

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